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What's a Brand Advocate Worth?

Brand Advocates are worth at least 5x more than average customers

While people may question the value of a Facebook fan, there is little debate that Brand Advocates have real business value. Brand Advocates are highly-satisfied customers and others who pro-actively recommend brands and products online and offline without being paid to do so.

Brand Advocates serve as a powerful Virtual Salesforce for the brand, bringing in new customers to a company, generating highly qualified referral leads, and spreading positive Word of Mouth on Facebook, Twitter, shopping sites, blogs, and more.

In this whitepaper Zuberance states that Brand Advocates are worth at least 5x more than average customers. This is because they spend more and their recommendations drive sales.

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  • Why Brand Advocates are worth 5x more than average customers
  • The value of Brand Advocates from three different product categories
  • How to calculate the value of your company's Advocates using the Zuberance Brand Advocate Value Calculator

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