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Company Obstacles

WorldCrafters aimed to expand its exposure beyond the in-game environment and establish a broader social media presence. While they were already collaborating with prominent influencers, they recognized the need to complement this approach by engaging with dedicated players who, despite having smaller social followings, were deeply passionate about the game.

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Zuberance Program

Sign-Up Journey

The WorldCrafters Elite Creators: WorldCrafters initiated the WorldCrafters Elite Creators program, targeting players in the top 10% based on time spent in the game and those actively creating new experiences. This approach aimed to identify and engage with the most dedicated and creative members of their community.

1. Player Analytics for Selection: Using in-game analytics, WorldCrafters identified users who spent the most time in the game and those who were prolific in creating new content and experiences.

2. Invitation to Elite Creators: These top players received personalized invitations to join the WorldCrafters Elite Creators program, recognizing their contributions and passion for the game.

3. Exclusive Benefits: Members were given exclusive access to early releases, special creation tools, and opportunities to feature their content prominently within the game, enhancing their experience and creative possibilities.

Advocate Engagement

Social Media Showcases: Members of the WorldCrafters Elite Creators were encouraged to showcase their in-game creations and experiences on social media:

  • Creation Highlights: Players shared screenshots, videos, and stories of their unique creations and the virtual worlds they designed, highlighting the game’s creative potential.
  • In-World Stories: Engaging narratives and experiences created within the game were shared, illustrating the depth and richness of the WorldCrafters universe.

Rewards Program

Creator Points: For their participation and content sharing on social media, Elite Creators earned Creator Points, redeemable for in-game perks, exclusive content, or merchandise, motivating continued engagement and advocacy.

For their participation and content sharing on social media, Elite Creators earned Creator Points, redeemable for in-game perks, exclusive content, or merchandise, motivating continued engagement and advocacy.
User-generated content significantly enhanced WorldCrafters' visibility and engagement across various social platforms.

Measuring Impact: WorldCrafters Engagement Analytics

Following the WorldCrafters Elite Creators program launch, key metrics were monitored to assess its impact.

Broader Social Media Presence

User-generated content significantly enhanced WorldCrafters’ visibility and engagement across various social platforms.

Community-Driven Brand Advocacy

The program fostered a strong sense of community among players, with Elite Creators acting as genuine advocates for the game.

Increased Game Popularity

The authentic and creative content shared by passionate players helped attract new users, expanding the game’s player base.

Valuable Customer Insights

The strategic application of the Zuberance platform enabled WorldCrafters to tap into its most engaged and creative players, transforming them into powerful brand advocates. This approach not only expanded WorldCrafters’ social media presence but also reinforced its position in the gaming market as a hub for creativity and player engagement.

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