Zuberance Stories


Advocate stories are powerful, memorable, and two times more credible than brand stories, studies show.

Anytime Fitness, the nation’s largest fitness company, says “My Anytime Story” was its most successful online marketing campaign in 2014. This “pay it forward” campaign featured a compelling incentive: a Grand Prize of $20,000, of which the winner kept $10,000 and donated the other $10,000 to a deserving charity or individual in need.

Thousands of Anytime Fitness members created and shared their personal stories and videos, boosting engagement and creating a valuable content marketing asset. Tens of thousands of people voted for their favorite stories and millions more viewed this content.

The Zuberance Advocate Marketing Platform powered this campaign. The Platform made it easy for Advocates to create and share stories and videos; vote on and share their favorites; plus earn a spot on the leaderboard. Management features make it easy for marketers to review and approve stories plus track results. Zuberance’s professional and technical services team provided planning, design, development, testing, Q&A, program management, reporting, and more.