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Brand advocacy is a key tool that should be in every brand’s marketing toolbox. Cultivating a positive conversation around your brand is always essential, especially if you want to announce something new, like a sale or product drop. So, how do brands create so much buzz around their products? Word of mouth by those who can’t live without their products — brand advocates. 

What is a brand advocate? 

A brand advocate elevates your brand through word-of-mouth marketing. A brand advocate can be an involved customer, an employee or a partner. The more a client or customer is pleased by your brand’s products and services, the more likely they are to recommend it to others, which is where word-of-mouth marketing comes from. It’s not necessarily just chatting with their friends or family, though. Brand advocates sometimes share about your brand on their social media, blogs or review websites. 

Types of brand advocates 

There are several types of brand advocates:

Customers and clients 

The most essential type of brand advocates are the clients and customers who genuinely love and use your product. This authentic word-of-mouth marketing is the top way to gain new users of your brand. For example, if your customer uses your product for their own business, they’ll recommend your product to other business owners to use. You might also be able to use their photos to repost on your social media or your website. Some customers are so excited about the opportunity to be connected to a brand they love that they may let you use their content (also known as user-generated content or UGC) for your own online spaces.  

Brand partners 

Another vital brand advocate comes from your brand’s partners. If other businesses partner with your brand or utilize your product, they can promote you to their audiences. This can be a great way to connect with other businesses and reach one another’s customers.  


Working with influencers is another way to join in on brand advocacy. Influencers who love your brand can promote your product, whether in a paid partnership or organically, if they’re a \an of your brand. Some brands send PR or free products, hoping influencers who love their brand will share the new product even without a paid partnership.  


Employees are the perfect brand advocates when it comes to sharing the culture of your brand or for bringing in new employees. They can also be huge advocates of your products and services if they’re just as passionate about what your business is doing. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees to share upcoming launches, products or new career opportunities with their connections. 

Why is brand advocacy important?

Brand advocacy is essential because it’s one of the most authentic forms of marketing. People are more apt to trust their friend’s recommendation than a brand’s paid-for commercial or ad.  

Brand advocacy in your marketing strategy, whether an organized program or just happening organically, will help your brand rise to the top regarding authenticity and improved brand perception. The more connected a person is to your brand, the more people trust their opinion. 

Finding brand advocates can be as easy as looking at your social media comments and reviews and people emailing with positive comments about your brand. Invite those customers to become advocates through Zuberance, where you have a hub to manage all aspects of the program.  


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