How to Reward Brand Advocates


This is the sixth post in an 8-part series: Earning Your Black Belt in Advocate Marketing. How to Reward Brand AdvocatesTrue advocacy cannot be paid for or manufactured. It can only be earned. In fact, studies show paying people for recommendations actually decreases the likelihood that prospects will buy. Learn how to thank brand advocates for being awesome.


How to reward Brand Advocates without paying or providing incentives:

  • Treat Advocates special, better or different because they are your most valuable customers.
  • Give Advocates access to special content or events that they might not otherwise be able to attend.
  • A simple thank you. A note from your CEO or brand face thanking Advocates for being awesome.

Don't pay or provide incentives to Advocates


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During the last two segments of earning your  Black Belt in Advocate Marketing, we will cover: 

  • Understanding the difference between Advocates & Influencers
  • How Advocates can become your company’s most successful sales people

Overcome your content marketing challenges by identifying and engaging with your Advocates.

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