Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, and Brand Advocates Love You!

Hey, no one ever said that we were poets at Zuberance, but we do know a thing or two about Brand Advocates and love.

Brand Advocates love your brand, product and/or service on a daily basis and they want others to love you, too. What do you do to let your Brand Advocates know that you love and appreciate them, too?

Without giving away free products and offering incentives, showing your Brand Advocates some affection can be as easy as sending them an email and thanking them for being awesome. Seriously, just an email -- recognizing and thanking Advocates means the world to them. If you have swag on hand and want to go the extra mile, Brand Advocates probably won't refuse a branded gift.

Marc Jacobs is saying thanks to its Advocates, while dabbling in influencer marketing.

"Over the years, the Daisy brand has built a considerable following in social media, and to us, the whole undertaking is a way to say a big thank you to the people who love Daisy and are constantly finding creative ways to show their affection for the brand," Lori Singer, group VP of global marketing for Coty Prestige (Marc Jacobs's fragrance licensor), told Mashable.

You can walk into the Marc Jacobs pop-up shop in Manhattan and take selfies, and post to social networks in exchange for branded products. It's a great way to say thanks, and create a buzz, but those who love you will share the love with their networks, regardless.


Examples of Rewarding Advocates

  1. Sneak peeks. Consumer Electronics manufacturers can give Advocates a sneak peek of a new DVR or what the new software version will include.
  2. Exclusive offers. Don’t give Advocates the same offers you give to all customers. Give them unique offers that show you recognize them as your true VIPs. Hotels can give Advocates a weekend package accessible only to the Advocate and their friends.
  3. Ask for opinions. Apparel companies thinking about a new line can give Advocates the opportunity to voice their opinions about the line before others.
  4. Give contributions to nonprofit causes. One of the best ways to reward Brand Advocates is to make cash and/or in-kind contributions to deserving nonprofit organizations on behalf of your Advocates. This approach motivates advocates. boosts your corporate image and reputation, and serves a useful social purpose.
  5. Acknowledge advocates. Let them know their recommendations matter. You can show Advocates which of their friends they’ve recommended that are now customers and Advocates themselves.
  6. Advocate-only events. Restaurants can hold a special in-person event for Advocates to get an exclusive preview of new menu items and meet the executive chef.
  7. Give early access. Retailers can open a store one hour early. Let your Advocates be beta testers.
  8. Give access to company leaders. Starbucks Melody had an opportunity to meet Starbucks’ founder, Howard Schultz. Even if you don’t have a rockstar CEO, giving Advocates the opportunity to have direct dialogue with senior leaders of your company can make them feel special.
  9. Provide VIP levels of service. Hotels can provide Advocates with a town car or limo while they stay at the property or a personal VIP guide. Software providers can offer advocates a special help disk for VIP customers only.
  10. Honor your advocates. Highlight your Advocates with an “Advocate of the Week” program. This is a great way to encourage Advocacy without paying for it.

How do you thank your Brand Advocates?