Social Media Not Meeting Small Businesses' Sales Expectations

Small business owners hoped they could drive an increase in sales from their social media marketing efforts. But small business owners may have been a little too optimistic of the ability of social media creating considerable new business for them. They are instead finding that social media marketing is more of a customer loyalty and engagement channel rather than a customer acquisition and lead generation according to a recent study published in eMarketer.

Having a presence on Facebook or Twitter is definitely necessary, especially for for customer loyalty, engagement, and customer service. However if you want sales and qualified leads, you need to energize your Brand Advocates on and off the social web. They are critical segment of your customers/prospects, and will perform significantly more valuable actions on behalf of your brand than just clicking a "Like" or "Follow" button. Brand Advocates are the ones who will recommend your brand, write testimonials and reviews, share offers,  answer prospects' questions, and more. Advocates drive sales.