Sport & Health Activates Word of Mouth

Sport & Health, Washington D.C.’s largest family of health clubs with 24 locations in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C., is turning its enthusiastic members into a Word of Mouth marketing force. Powered by Zuberance, Sport & Health is enabling its Advocates to:

  • Create and publish positive reviews of Sport & Health Clubs, boosting ratings on review sites
  • Create and share their fitness success stories on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere on the social web
  • Share promotional offers and content with their social networks, generating referral leads and boosting membership sales

Importantly, Sport & Health is not paying Advocates or giving them incentives for recommendations. Instead, the club is tapping into the authentic enthusiasm of its highly-satisfied members and making it easy for them to recommend Sport & Health to others.

“Word of Mouth is our best form of advertising,” said Nancy Terry, senior vice president of marketing at Sport & Health. “With Zuberance, we’re harnessing the power of Word of Mouth. This is a very cost-effective and measurable way to drive referral leads and sales,” she added.

“Sport & Health has done a fantastic of creating thousands of Advocates,” said Rob Fuggetta, founder and CEO of Zuberance. “Now, we’re turning these Advocates into a powerful marketing department for Sport & Health,” he stated.

A growing number of fitness companies are using Zuberance’s award-winning Brand Advocate solution to generate referral leads, sales, and positive Word of Mouth.

“Word of Mouth is the number one source of referrals and sales for clubs, studies show. Yet until now, clubs haven’t had an automated Word of Mouth marketing system that drives measurable increases in referrals and sales. Zuberance fills that gap for the fitness industry,” said Fuggetta.

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