How to Create, Launch & Manage a Brand Advocacy Program

This is the fourth post in an 8-part series: Earning Your Black Belt in Advocate Marketing. If your company has one million end users, you may have 500,000 potential Advocates, a large, highly influential, and under-leveraged marketing force. Learn how to turn your Advocates into a powerful marketing force & track the results by partnering with Zuberance and/or reading Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force.

Identify: Learn how to identify those highly satisfied customers that are willing to recommend you. This is based off the Net Promoter score, asking customers if they recommend your brand, product or service.

Energize: Turn your advocates into a powerful marketing force by leveraging your advocates to write online reviews, ratings and testimonials. Advocates are  What Every Content Marketing Strategy Needs

Track Results: Brand Advocates and/or Zuberance will show you what to track and how to track it. Knowing who your passives, detractors and Advocates are can spark a lot of different campaigns. Ramp up customer service, find out which offer is shared the most and learn from your Advocates with precise tracking.

There are many different ways to energize advocates. Some of my favorite work has been creating marketing campaigns and research around Advocates. Find out what people are really thinking about your brand, uncover deep, emotional connections you only hope existed. Discover some of the most fantastic stories surrounding your brand from those who love you the most. Advocate marketing is a lot of fun.

During the rest of your journey to earning a Black Belt in Advocate Marketing, we will cover: 

  • How to turn Advocates into a Content Marketing Engine
  • How to Reward Brand Advocates
  • Understanding the difference between Advocates & Influencers
  • How Advocates can become your company’s most successful sales people

Every company in the world, including yours, has Brand Advocates. Get more value from your social media marketing and transform your company by unleashing the most powerful marketing force you have. Your Advocate Army is waiting to build your brand and business.

Are you energizing your Brand Advocates to spread positive word of mouth about your brand? 

Next week we will dive into Benefits of Investing in Advocate Marketing. 


Brand-advocates-bookIf you’re on the edge of your seat and cannot wait until next week, run out and pick up a copy (or order online) of Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force.

Porter Gale, the former VP Marketing at Virgin America, calls Brand Advocates the “ultimate guidebook to brand advocacy.” Says Gale: “Advocacy is the ultimate goal for every brand. Rob Fuggetta’s book is simple, clear, and filled with practical advice.”