Top 10 Quotes from Dreamforce 2011 #df11

"Right now people search online and get their results from an algorithm. Social search is the next search. Are you ready?" - Adam Brown, Dell (@adamcb "Behind every B2B is a C to connect with." - Gary Vaynerchuk, Author (@garyvee)

"You think it’s real time now—its going to be really real time." - Eric Schmidt, Google (@ericschmidt)

"Social embedded business processes that solve concrete needs are key to enterprise social collaboration." - Marc Benioff, Salesforce (@benioff)

"Dell has 5,600 people certified to speak on behalf of the company via social. Does your organization doing this scare or thrill you?" Charlene Li, Altimeter Group (@charleneli)

"Pick a social media strategy before it picks you." - Robert Wollan, Accenture (@RobertWollan)

"Traditional media is hooking up for the night. Social media is going Beyonce and putting the ring on it." -Gary Vaynerchuk, Author (@garyvee)

"You can count fans and followers all you want but it don't mean a damn thing. What's important is what percentage are taking the next step." - Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer (@jasonfalls)

"Facebook is not just about photos or status updates, it's a platform for applications that will drive social revolution." -Marc Benioff, Salesforce (@benioff)

"Mobile, local and social - our future tech leaders will come from these domains." - Eric Schmidt, Google (@EricSchmidt)

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance