Word of Mouth in the Wild: Weight Watchers, Pandora and iTunes Radio

In_the_Wild_1aWord of Mouth in the Wild is a biweekly feature from Zuberance highlighting the many different ways consumers make and look for recommendations before and after purchases. Today's consumer puts great trust in their personal and social networks, more so than any form of branded-advertising. Word of mouth is the most important part of consumers' decision making process. Recommendations, reviews and referrals come in all shapes and sizes.


This twitter user wasn't asked for their opinion or recommendation of internet radio providers. Advocates recommend products and services that make them happy because they want others to feel the same joy. TwitterBirdThe next time you go to listen to music online, you're going to remember this tweet. You may explore Pandora and iTunes and make a decision for yourself, but you're going to be influenced by this recommendation. You may already love iTunes Radio and are now checking out Pandora.

Weight Watchers

Another indirect recommendation for a product. This male Facebook user sends weekly updates praising the Weight Watchers program and how it has positively impacted his life. How many more males are checking out Weight Watchers or willing to give it a chance now? Once primarily known as a female program, males are now giving it a shot and loving it. The next time Weight Watchers comes out with a new product, extension or recipe, you can bet their Advocates are going to be sharing it with their networks.

Brands have to do more than exist. Identifying, engaging with and energizing Advocates to take action is the key to success. Check out the latest infographic: Top Ten Ways to Reward Brand Advocates. Giving Advocates early access and a simple 'thank you' will go a long way for your brand.

Advocates are your volunteer sales and marketing force, and they're already talking about you. Take charge and fuel them with the content you want to spread.

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