Word of Mouth and Your Career

Career Fair PicWord of Mouth has a substantial impact on consumer decisions whether the consumer is seeking a new restaurant, is in the market for a new car, or looking for the perfect get-a-way vacation. But did you know that Word of Mouth can help you find a job? The founder of JobAngels, Mark Stelzer, describes Word of Mouth in their latest newsletter as “one of the most amazing things to behold about this movement.”  JobAngels is a non-profit company based on volunteers helping people who are seeking jobs through answering questions, editing resumes, sharing job leads, and more.  Most volunteers and professionals that use their services heard of JobAngels through a Word of Mouth referral from a friend or colleague.   Without the power of Word of Mouth, Mark and his team would not have the bandwidth and ability to help as many job seekers.

If you are one of the millions of job seekers out in the market today, use Word of Mouth to your advantage.  Ask friends and colleagues for tips and resources and share what you find with others.  You never know where it may lead you.