Zuberance: Celebrating First Year In Business

It has been a full year since Zuberance was funded by Emergence Capital Partners and we have had tremendous success in turning positive word of mouth into sales. Founder and CEO, Rob Fuggetta, made a bold move by selling his house in order to make his entrepreneurial dream come true. Taking a look at this past year’s progress, he has seen his dream start to become a reality. Here are some of Zuberance’s proudest accomplishments this year:

  • Signed dozens of B2C and B2B customers across multiple industries including software, consumer electronics, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, manufacturing, Internet services, and more.
  • 2009 Forrester Groundswell Award in the Energizing B2C Category for Norton's Advocates program
  • Strengthened its leadership by naming three seasoned Internet executives to its management team, VP of Sales Matt Elders, VP of Engineering Deep Varma, and VP of Product Dave Goulden.

Companies using the Zuberance Advocate Platform are getting measurable business results fast:

  • A leading consumer software company has identified and/or mobilized over 25,000 Advocates that have published thousands of reviews and offers, resulting in 5X higher conversion rates from campaigns that leverage Advocates versus traditional marketing campaigns.
  • A leading manufacturer of fans and humidifiers – hardly a passion category – has in one week identified several hundred advocates of which 84% have created positive recommendations and many have shared this content with friends via social media and email.
  • A global telecommunications company has so far identified 15,000 Advocates, despite the conventional wisdom that telcos have few if any enthusiasts. These advocates are now actively recommending the telco and its services, boosting positive word of mouth, leads, and sales.

To read more about our successful first year, check out the press release.