Top 10 Ways Brand Advocates Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Objectives

Building up on our last post about Advocate Analytics, I wanted to expand and explore the value that brand advocates can provide to your brand and/or products. Going beyond our platform and thinking about the integration of more social technologies across the web, it is becoming increasingly important that you engage and mobilize your brand advocates. The social web is here and in many ways is more valuable than any type of search engine marketing optimization that you can dream up.

You need to start taking advantage of this channel. First mover advantage on this is key. Don't let your competitors grab market share from you by not engaging your brand advocates.

Brand Advocates are 5X to 10X more trusted and influential than paid media and traditional marketing. Today, via social technologies, Advocates can reach millions of prospects. Yet most companies are not leveraging their Advocates.

Here are the top 10 ways Brand Advocates can meet your marketing goals. They key here is to think beyond the product review and community engagement. It really does not matter if you have thousands of reviews if you cannot turn that engagement into sales.

  1. Monetize Social Media
  2. Create awareness of your brand, category, product, or service
  3. Amplify positive Word of Mouth
  4. Combat negative Word of Mouth
  5. Extend your salesforce at very low cost
  6. Improve search results
  7. Generate qualified sales leads and traffic with relevant clicks and conversions
  8. Answer prospects’ questions
  9. Bring new customers to you
  10. Launch new products