B2B Company Gets 44% Customer Advocate Engagement Rate

No, that’s not a typo.

One of Zuberance’s B2B customers is getting a whopping 44% Advocate engagement rate.

The company sells ERP software to smaller colleges and universities. Not exactly a passion category.

Nor are its Advocates any more enthusiastic than Advocates for other B2B companies. (In fact, this company has low promoter score.)

Yet, the company's Advocates are creating reviews and testimonials, posting videos, referring peers, and completing other actions at an outstanding 44% rate.

How 44% Compares to LinkedIn & other Social/Peer Networks

Just to put 44% in context for you, here are the engagement rates for brands on leading social networks, according to the ”2018 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report,” by Rival IQ.

Facebook: 0.16%

Twitter: 0.046%

LinkedIn 0.054% (source: Forrester)

Instagram: 1.73%

Are You Under-Estimating Your Advocates?

As B2B marketers, we often under-estimate the willingness of our customer Advocates to go out of their way to pro-actively recommend and refer us to their peer networks.

Or we mistakenly assume that because our products or services aren't very exciting, few customers would be willing to participate in an advocacy program.

We'e finding that both of these assumptions are often incorrect.

So What's the Secret to Getting a 44% Engagement Rate?

Our real-world experience is showing that there are three keys to driving B2B advocacy:

1. Make it easy

Don't ask too much of your Advocates. Even Advocates can get fatigued.

2. Make it rewarding

Give Advocates rewards they value.

3.  Make it fun

Yep, participating in B2B advocacy programs should be enjoyable.

And Advocates will Reward You with...

Advocates will drive real results and ROI for you, like significant increases in:

  • Referral leads
  • User-generated content
  • Sharing of your content (reach, impressions)
  • Traffic to your website

Will you get a 44% engagement rate? It's hard to say.

But if you're not systematically identifying and mobilizing your Advocates, you're missing a highly cost-effective opportunity to drive positive Word of Mouth and sales.