Quick Quiz: Should Advocate Marketing be in Your 2016 Plans?

Are you creating your 2016 marketing plan and budget?

Here are five questions that will help you determine whether Advocate marketing should be in your 2016 marketing mix:

1. Do your prospects typically search online first before contacting you to see what customers say about your company and its products?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Unsure

2. How influential is online Word of Mouth (customer ratings and reviews; customer testimonials, etc.) on your prospects' purchase decisions?

a. Very influential

b. Somewhat influential

c. Not influential

d. Unsure

3. How much of your business comes from WOM and/or referrals?

a. 50% or more

b. About 25%

c. About 10%

d. Less than 10%

e. Unsure

4. Which of the following ways do you think your Advocates may be willing to recommend your brand(s) or product(s), assuming you make it easy and rewarding for them to do so?

1) Product reviews

2) Testimonials

3) Case studies

4) Referrals

5) Answering prospects' questions

6) Sharing your content with others

7) Sharing your promotional offers with others

8) Inviting others to join your loyalty program

9) Telling others about your new products and services 

10) Giving you ideas on how to improve existing products and services

5. Do you think your customers would be willing to publicly recommend your brand, products, or services (assuming you provide opportunity for customers to use screen names, if they want to)?

a. Yes, they would publicly recommend

b. No, they would not even if we allowed them to use screen names

Score your Answers

"Strong fit" for Advocate marketing:

Question 1: You answered "a"
Questions 2 & 3: You answered "a" or "b"
Question 4:  You picked three or more ways Advocates may recommend
Question 5: You answered "a"

Need Guidance?

Feel free to contact us if you're still unsure whether Advocate marketing should be part of your 2016 marketing plans.