Why aren’t you mobilizing your Facebook fans?

facebook_logoWe talk to big company marketers every day and no surprise they’re cranking on their social media strategies. And Facebook is a big part of that. As a matter of fact, many marketers we talk to are quick to say they now have thousands of brand fans on Facebook. But here’s the key question… what are they doing with their fans?

The answer we hear most often is: nothing. That’s right… nothing!

Marketers have convinced thousands of highly satisfied customers to “fan” them on Facebook… but aren’t doing anything with them (sound familiar?). That can’t be right given we’re all smart marketers. But it is. Or at least that’s what we at Zuberance are hearing again and again.

So why aren’t marketers “mobilizing” their brand fans?

The reason we hear most often is that they didn’t realize they could. But the truth is they can. Here are some examples of how marketers can start mobilizing Facebook fans:

-       Ask them to write reviews and testimonials

-       Ask them  to share offers and promotional content

-       Ask them to identify other fans

-       Ask them to answer prospect questions

As a matter of fact, our research shows that many of your company’s Facebook fans will be more than happy to advocate your brand. You just need to make it easy for them.

Bottom line: don’t just collect Facebook fans… start mobilizing them!