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Report: How Top Performers Leverage Social Networking to Mobilize Brand Advocacy

Market research firm, Gleanster, recently released a report called, "Deep Dive: How Top Performers Leverage Social Networking to Mobilize Brand Advocacy." The report explores some of the strategies, tactics, and tools currently being implemented by Top Performers in their online customer advocacy programs. Gleanster highlights that consumers are naturally inclined to share their experiences with a product or service, and they've been participating with company Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for some time now. But truly leveraging the enthusiasm of your most active supporters- moving them to influence others- takes more than a basic social media ccount. True brand advocacy programs allow companies to identify and motivate their most ardent fans while providing insights and systems that work at scale.

A few key takeaways:

  • Brand advocacy programs effectively drive new customer acquisition, ultimately resulting in higher sales.
  • Companies need to make sharing recommendations as easy and convenient as possible, and also make it possible for Advocates to disseminate their recommendations across multiple networks in one well swoop.
  • Brand advocacy programs can provide companies with important insights into the wants and needs- both met and unmet- of their most satisfied customers. These insights can help drive new product development as well as new loyalty programs and other initiatives that focus on enhancing the overall customer experience.

Download "How Top Performers Leverage Social Networking to Mobilize Brand Advocacy" now.

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance