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VIDEO: How Club One is Pumping Up Referral Leads and Sales

Club One, an award-winning health club management company based in San Francisco, is boosting its referral leads and sales by activating its Zuberance-powered Brand Advocates. In this new 60-second video, Club One Director of Marketing & PR Kari Bedgood shares how Club One is getting more memberships and amplifying positive Word of Mouth.

Some key results from Club One's advocacy program:

  • 61% of members surveyed identified themselves as Club One Advocates.
  • 50% of Club One Advocates shared offers (a 14-day pass) with their friends and colleagues via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Club One received a 9X ROI from the program based on membership revenues.

Download the Club One Case Study now.

Club One: We're getting 9X ROI by energizing Brand Advocates

Kari Bedgood, Director of Marketing and PR for the health club chain, Club One, discusses how energizing their Brand Advocates has led to a 9X ROI.  This video was taken at Zuberance's social media event, "How to Turn Word of Mouth and Social Media into Sales" in San Francisco.

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