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How St. David's HealthCare Energized Advocates to Share Their Stories

Word of Mouth recommendations are extremely influential when it comes to Healthcare. People turn to peers, patients, and others who have had similar experiences and procedures to seek information as a trustworthy source. In this video, Social Media Specialist, Reed Smith, discusses how St. David's HealthCare is identifying patient Advocates and connecting with them to share their St David's story.

Some key highlights from the St. David's HealthCare Advocacy Program:

  • 74% of patients identified as St David's HealthCare Advocates.
  • For every testimonial created, each Advocate is sharing it to their social networks twice.
  • There is an average of .78 clicks through to each testimonial shared on an Advocate's social network (Facebook, Twitter, and email.)

What's Next?

St David's HealthCare plans to leverage Advocate testimonial content using iframes on each individual hospital location website.

To learn more about the power of Word of Mouth, download the whitepaper, "Top 5 Reasons Why Brands Should Focus on Earned Media."