Even the Best Facebook Fan Page Engagement Rates Aren't That Impressive

"Most would probably agree that someone sharing a brand’s content with their friends is a high indicator of brand ambassadorship" says Doug Schumacher in a recent post from iMedia. The post highlighted last week's top ten brands with the highest engagement rates on their Facebook Pages. Disney came in first place at .27% with an image of a smiling Chesire Cat.

This may be impressive in terms of Facebook Pages (especially when considering the implications of EdgeRank), but if you want to see some jaw-dropping, make-you-wanna-get up-and-dance sharing percentages, engage your Brand Advocates.

On average, across all our customers, about 15% to 20% of Brand Advocates share content they create or is provided to them by brands. For example, 23% of CDW Advocates shared reviews they created.

This shows yet again that Brand Advocates are, by far, a company’s most engaged customers.

To learn more about leveraging your Brand Advocates, download our whitepaper, Turning Fans and Followers into Brand Advocates.