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Why Local Loyalty, Big Data & Content Matter in 2014

Last week we had the opportunity to learn about the hot marketing trends for 2014 with three leading B2B marketers.  "What's Hot in B2B Digital Marketing in 2014" was hosted by our own Rob Fuggetta with panelists Sharon Crost, Lauren McCadney and Rishi Dave. As three of the best and brightest minds in digital marketing, we were excited for these three speakers to discuss the following with us: 1. What's hot in B2B digital marketing in 2014?

2. Why is it a major trend?

3. What should marketers be doing about it?

SharonCrostSharon Crost of Hitachi- Senior Manager Manager, Social Business 

Local Loyalty:

An innovator in social media and visiting professor, Sharon joined us to discuss Local Loyalty. So, what does that mean? Simply put, people aren’t buying from robots or social media spam- people buy from people. TwitterBird  "Local" has a wide variety of meanings in digital and social media; it could refer to geography, a topic areas of interest, or a conversation with someone who is influential.

In 2014, customers want to work with influential leaders, not spammers- business today is all about working relationships with prospects and sales, and each experience should be personalized. To do so, the influencers must be identified and advocates must be provided with content.

LaurenMcCadneyLauren McCadney of CDW- Senior Manager, Social Media

Big Data:

According to McKinsey Global Institute, "Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity." Unfortunately, 82% of CMOs are feeling underprepared for Big Data ( and the data explosion. Lauren shares the keys to Big Data Success:

1.What are you trying to learn or solve for?

2. Amassing the right data

3. Finding analytical talent: Buy it? Borrow it?

Lauren explains how each company has huge volumes of data, but is it actionable? Big Data projects can deliver information and impressive Powerpoints, but effectively using this data is crucial to Big Data success.

RishiDaveRishi Dave of Dell- Executive Director, Digital Marketing


93% of B2B Marketers are using content, but only 42% believes it is effective (MarketingProfs / The Content Marketing Institute.) Rishi believes that companies are struggling with content quality because in the past, content was produced once per quarter, launch or campaign. Today, our open channels with customers require many pieces of marketing material per day, so marketers struggle with maintaining high-quality and engaging content.

While content is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads, it is important to keep in mind that it can take time. Content does not automatically convert leads, but with a constant funnel of content creation, prospects will find you when they are ready to connect.


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