Safelite Turns Enthusiastic Customers into Volunteer Marketing Force

When most people think of brands that have thousands of enthusiastic fans, they typically think of popular "passion" brands like Apple, BMW, or Starbucks. Well, now you can add Safelite AutoGlass to that list. Safelite AutoGlass® is the nation’s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services.

In only a few months, Safelite has created a thriving army of over 50,000 Safelite Advocates. These Advocates are enthusiastically recommending Safelite via positive reviews and glowing testimonials, driving thousands of referral clicks and dramatically boosting Safelite’s Facebook fan base.

Authentic Advocates

Importantly, Safelite is not paying or providing financial incentives to its Advocates in exchange for their recommendations. Instead, Safelite is making it easy for its enthusiastic customers to recommend the Safelite brand and its services, using Zuberance's online advocacy system.

“By energizing Safelite AutoGlass Advocates, we’re amplifying positive Word of Mouth, demonstrating our commitment to customer delight and driving sales in a very cost-effective way,” said Jennifer L. Kielmeyer, strategic marketing manager for Safelite.

“Safelite has always known they have highly-satisfied customers who recommend the company. However, Safelite wasn’t leveraging these customers to increase positive awareness and drive sales. Now, powered by Zuberance, Safelite is transforming its Advocates into a sustainable marketing force,” said Rob Fuggetta, Founder and CEO of Zuberance.

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-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance