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This Week in Social: Google+ Lets You Share Circles, How to Overcome EdgeRank

Google+ Now Lets You Share Your Circles With Others - The Next Web Obviously if you’ve created a master circle of funny people or tech bloggers, they’re perfect to share with a friend. If you’ve created a circle of ex-girlfriends, perhaps you won’t want to share that. This is very similar to Twitter’s list feature, and of course Facebook’s latest list upgrades.

Crack the Facebook Marketing Code: How to Overcome EdgeRank - ZuberRants

EdgeRank + Facebook updates = a big time marketing headache. What’s a social media strategist to do? Instead of spending time figuring out how to crack the EdgeRank algorithm, why not focus on a more scalable and valuable approach to Facebook marketing: getting your super fans to spread content for you.

Facebook Launches "People Talking About This" Metric, Premium Ad Unit & More - Search Engine Land

Facebook is launching a new “People Talking About This” metric for fan pages this week, designed to show conversations happening about a brand or page owner across the web. It’s part of an upgraded Page Insights tool. Also released is a new Page Insights API tool.

Social Business isn't a theory, buzz word, or "The Next Big Thing." It's an evoultion! - Michael Brito

Social Business is simply a natural business evolution. It’s why companies like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG and others have been in business and profitable for several decades, and in some cases, over 100 years.  They help companies change behavior, improve processes and expand into new markets because the dynamic nature of business is consistently changing.

Facebook Users Beware: Facebook's New Feature Could Embarass You - Mashable

If you didn’t watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook announcements last week — and of course the vast majority of Facebook users did not — you may be in for a surprise. Aside from the dramatically redesigned Facebook Timeline profile pages, which roll out in the coming weeks (and which I’ve grown to love), Facebook’s new system to auto-share what you do around the web may catch many Facebook addicts off guard.

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance

This Week In Social Media: 5 Do's and Don'ts of WOM Marketing, Social Media = Social Business

5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Effective Word of Mouth Marketing  - Cara Fuggetta An article for the SocialTimes summarizing key takeaways from our New York Brand Advocacy Series panel discussion.

Social Media Revolution: 2011 Edition Another Erik Qualman video that's chock full of social media stats, 2011 edition. Social Media Becoming Social BusinessHBR- David Armano  Social Media is turning into Social Business to most organizations.  Harvard Business Review suggests that there are areas of Social Business that are poised to explode: Organizational Design, Social Business Intelligence, and Cultures of Collaboration, Co-Creation & Shared Value.  Social Media and Social Business must be linked - the expectation for real-time responses is only increasing.

13 Startups that Wowed Us Catalyst S+F's Jim Nichols offers a list of companies that appear to have the stuff to move the needle for marketers.

Small Businesses That Understand Social Media At this point, it is almost irresponsible to not have a social media presence as part of your marketing mix.  However, many businesses continue to be behind the trend.  This NY Times article highlights two small businesses who are successfully harnessing their social media.  Their approaches are interesting, inexpensive, effective, and easy to reproduce.

-Lucy Arnold, Marketing Intern, Zuberance