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Tips to Go Pro: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Twitter

(This post was originally published on WOMMA’s “All Things WOM” blog.) I’m pretty much obsessed with Twitter. I give Tweetorials all the time to colleagues, friends, my cat, pretty much anyone who is interested in learning how to utilize the social network that has completely revolutionized global communication. I’m constantly looking for insider tips and tricks to reach Twenlightenment (that’s a stretch I know, but you get the idea). Here are five Twitter tips you’re probably unaware of:

1. If you start a tweet with someone’s Twitter handle, most of your followers won’t see it.

There’s a major difference between a @mention and a @reply. I see this mistake all the time and it makes me cringe, especially when I see it from major brands. By starting a tweet with someone’s twitter handle (a reply), you’re limiting the amount of followers that will see that tweet.


For example if I were to tweet “@WOMMA rocks my socks!”, only people that follow both me and @WOMMA would see this tweet in their feeds. However, if I mentioned @WOMMA anywhere in the tweet besides at the beginning (“My socks are rocked by @WOMMA!), all of my followers would see the tweet regardless if they’re following @WOMMA or not. (And if you’re not following @WOMMA, tsk tsk on you!)

2. The 140 character limit is false.

Sometimes, gosh darnit, I just need a little longer than 140 characters to rant about how ridiculous Bravo TV’s new “Silicon Valley Startups” is (even though I’ve watched every episode thus far). Thankfully, a tool called Twitlonger allows you to compose a lengthy tweet that will post with a “….[link]” at the end that followers can click on to read more. However, my advice to you: Don’t get cray with Twitlonger. Twitter’s limit is 140 characters for a reason. Only use this tool when necessary.

3. You can search for tweets geographically.

Interested in a topic in a certain area? Type “Near:[City] Within:[Miles]” to refine your search (see below). Twitter has many other advanced search features to enhance results such as positive/negative tweets, questions, and more.




4. You can operate Twitter using keyboard shortcuts.

Using is a mouse is so old school. If you really want to up your Twitter game, get to know the keyboard shortcuts. Go to, type a question mark and you’ll see a directory of keyboard commands like ‘r’ to retweet or ‘g p’ to go to your profile.


5. You can find out who’s unfollowed you.

Have you ever noticed your following count fluctuate and wonder exactly who is over you and your tweets? Find out with to see who’s unfollowed you and when. Then you can sulk… or harass them. Your choice.

Do you have any insider tips to add? Help us out and share them here!

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance