Brand Advocates Help Symantec Grow Positive WOM

DestinationCRMMarketers know that the only way to show the power of Word of Mouth (WOM) is to measure it. Our team at Zuberance works around the clock to help leading brands track their ROI for their WOMM efforts with high-performance management, reporting and analytic systems. Case-in-point: Symantec. Jeff Zabin at Aberdeen Group did a great job showcasing how Zuberance helped Symantec mobilize their customer salesforce in “The Network Effect of Word of Mouth” on destinationCRM. Zabin believes that the “network effect of Word of Mouth can deliver ever-increasing value at little or no cost”. Once Symantec adopted Zuberance’s on-demand software, they were able to identify loyal customers and turn them into advocates, helping to move average review ratings up and easily attain their ROI goal. Read more of Zabin’s account of Symantec’s Word of Mouth success here.