what zuberance does.

Zuberance creates your Advocate Army. We engage it. Mobilize it. Amplify it. Manage it and track results.
You get more brand and product recommendations and revenues -- fast! 



Campaigns delivered


Advocates mobilized


Sales impacted

“Zuberance is addictive.”
— Senior marketer for leading software company

Everything you want in one
amazing advocate marketing platform


Advocate Reviews

Boost your ratings and rankings on third-party sites.


Advocate Stories

Get valuable Advocate testimonials, case studies, videos, and more.


Advocate Referrals

Generate thousands of referral leads that turn into sales.


Get Advocates to answer prospects’ questions, driving leads and sales.

Advocate Ads®

Social ads that feature Advocate recommendations.

Advocate Analytics

Track and optimize campaign results in real time.


I love Zuberance as an effective, turn-key solution.
— Jay Baer, Social Media Guru


We identify Advocates via brief online surveys, social listening, and direct Advocate engagement. In short, we build your database of Advocates.


We make it easy for Advocates to recommend your brand and products via positive reviews, stories, referrals, and more. 


We measure and optimize Advocate marketing results. Plus, we give you custom reports and actionable Advocate insights.

Full-Service ADVOCAte marketing 

Zuberance isn't a self-service advocacy tool or widget. We're a complete, full-service Advocate marketing solution.
We make Advocate marketing easy for you, saving you time and money plus maximizing results.

Advocacy Platform

Complete platform with Advocate applications, publishing, and integrated analytics.

Advocacy Services

We design, develop, and manage Advocate marketing programs and campaigns for you, from end-to-end.


Expert guidance and best practices. We literally wrote the book on Advocate marketing.


Wow! “Zuberance…one of top 10 tech startups that wowed us.”
— iMedia Connection


Learn from the Advocate marketing experts. Get "Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force" by Zuberance Founder/CEO Rob Fuggetta.