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Brand advocacy has emerged as a powerful marketing tool, one that complements influencer marketing. Zuberance’s brand advocate software has been at the forefront of this strategy, providing businesses with an effective platform to identify, mobilize, and track their most enthusiastic customers. Let’s explore how businesses can harness its power to transform satisfied customers into active brand advocates, thereby driving growth and enhancing brand reputation.

The power of brand advocacy 

Brand advocacy is where loyal customers share their admiration for a brand online and with their friends and family. The power of working with loyal customers to spread the word about a brand’s products and services cannot be overstated. Not only does it create more awareness for that brand, but it also amplifies its reach, resulting in an increase in sales and customer satisfaction. 

How does Zuberance work?

Through the Zuberance platform, brands can leverage the power of brand advocates. Brands can invite potential advocates to their advocate hubs through email. A brand’s advocate hub is an all-in-one dashboard where they can see current program members, create challenges, see top advocates, review analytics, offer rewards and more.

Brands that use Zuberance create challenges — or actions they want to incentivize advocates to take. 

In the platform, brands can create challenges asking advocates to:

  • Share a link to a holiday gift guide.
  • Share a link to a sale.
  • Share a link to a giveaway.
  • Refer a friend.
  • Write reviews.
  • Take surveys.
  • Create a social media post.
  • Play trivia.
  • Complete their profile.
  • Download content.
  • Watch videos about products.
  • Share a recipe using the product.
  • Share news.
  • Vote for their favorite brand product or option.
  • Share an event link.
  • Send a discount to friends or family.
  • Share a photo or content with a branded hashtag.
  • And more!

Pros of using the Zuberance brand advocate program 

Zuberance offers many benefits:

Advocacy reviews

With Zuberance, brands can generate more reviews of their products on third-party websites and review websites. This helps boost brand awareness, SEO and brand reputation online. 

Advocate stories

Through Zuberance, brands can meet real customers who are sharing their experiences. Zuberance allows brands to view advocate testimonials, videos, and more.

Advocate referrals 

Through the software, brands can generate referral leads and ultimately grow their sales and expand their businesses. 

Advocate answers

Zuberance allows customers and advocates to directly communicate with brands and other advocates. This ensures that brands are able to answer their questions and get advocates to answer prospects’ questions, driving leads and sales.

Advocate hub

In addition to serving as a source of direct communication, Zuberance serves as a hub for advocates and provides brands a place to manage all aspects of their programs. 

Advocate analytics

Zuberance shows brands the stats that they need to improve their campaigns. With Zuberance, brands can track and optimize campaign results in real-time. 

Benefits of including Zuberance in your marketing strategies 

Cost-effective method of marketing

Zuberance provides brands with a cost-effective method of marketing by connecting them to loyal customers who are ready and willing to represent their products through their own feeds for a lower cost. Zuberance saves thousands of dollars for brands by helping them lower their customer acquisition costs, increase customer retention and generate user-generated content.

Analytics to prove ROI

Zuberance provides brands with a variety of metrics and statistics to show that their programs are maximizing ROI. Metrics include the number of content pieces generated, the number of brand advocates, advocacy value and more.

As a full-service word-of-mouth marketing company, Zuberance aims to connect brands with their loyal advocates and reach new and unique audiences. There is power in brand advocacy and Zuberance sees that, helping brands leverage this opportunity.