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When highly satisfied customers are willing to endorse, promote, or refer your business, that’s brand advocacy at its finest. Advocates are more than occasional customers; they’re more than loyal customers. Advocates are so pleased with your product and brand that they will suggest it to others.

Imagine what an army of advocates can do for your brand. With rising advertising costs and smaller ROIs, brands in various industries are doing just that. They’re exploring cost-effective ways to drive brand advocacy.

Here’s how to mobilize your happiest customers:

Identify potential advocates

To create a team of advocates, start mining your data for guidance. Where should you start? Consider looking for repeat customers with purchases spanning the last few years.

Next, turn to your social channels. Who’s engaging with your brand? Add your biggest fans to the list.

Chat with customer service, too. They may be able to provide names of happy customers who sought resolutions or answers to their questions.

Invite customers to your advocate marketing platform

If you’re serious about activating advocates, you’ll need a platform to help manage the process. With a platform like Zuberance, you can invite customers to join and set up a rewards structure that encourages customers to take action.

Ask advocates to create content on your behalf

If you’re using an advocate marketing platform, you can ask your customers to:

  • Leave reviews
  • Provide a testimonial
  • Answer questions from other customers
  • Refer a friend
  • Promote your product on social

These actions are built into the platform, so encouraging customers to create content is a breeze.

If you’re not using a platform, you’ll need to create standalone campaigns. For example, if you want customers to endorse a product on Instagram, a social contest can motivate customers to participate. Ask them to share a picture of your product and write about their experience. Select one participant to win a prize.

Incentivize your customers to act

Whether you ask advocates to review a new product or prompt them to share a post on social, you’ll see better response rates with an incentive.

If you run a social contest to collect content, the prize is the incentive. Make sure the prize is worthy of your advocate’s time.

If you use a customer advocate program, you can reward advocates with points that are redeemable toward gift cards to many major retailers, free products, or experiences. As a brand, you set up the structure. You’ll assign points to each action, like 300 points for leaving a product review, and set a threshold that advocates need to earn to get a gift card or other prizes.

Ask advocates for continued support

Advocates are a powerful marketing tool, but if you want their efforts to move the needle, you’ll need more than one UGC campaign. You can ask for support in other ways.

Consider asking questions, soliciting feedback and encouraging them to engage with the advocate community. For example, create a challenge in the Zuberance platform asking members for their favorite recipes to make with your product or what color options they’d like to see launched.

Within your customer advocate platform, you can re-engage advocates as needed and encourage them to generate content or share a special offer with their followers.

Invite more customers to join you

Growing a team of advocates is an ongoing process. Keep inviting customers to join your advocacy team. Effective advocacy is a continual effort.

Measure your results

Keep an eye on your metrics to see how effective your efforts are. If you run a social contest, for example, comb through your social metrics to understand your response rates.

If you’re using an advocacy marketing platform, metrics are displayed for you in an easy-to-use dashboard. You can see data like number of members, engagement rates, total UGC content, and advocacy value.

Integrations with leading e-commerce sites like WooCommerce and Shopify help you track sales back to specific advocates.

The best way to drive brand advocacy is to compel your customers to act. Every brand has happy, loyal customers, but few brands encourage them to actively support their brand. With the right platform in place, you can easily invite customers to join your advocacy team, and inspire them to create content that promotes your products.

See how Zuberance can help your brand mobilize happy customers.

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