1. What’s a Brand Advocate?

A Brand Advocate is a highly-satisfied customer or other person who pro-actively recommends brands and products without being paid. Advocates are 2X-3X more trusted and influential than ads. Amplified by social media, Advocates can collectively reach millions of buyers.

Did You Know…?
92% of consumers and business buyer trust recommendations from Advocates

2. Who is Zuberance?

Zuberance is the leading Advocate marketing company. We are Advocate marketing thought-leaders and experts. Zuberance is not a tool or widget. We are a full-service advocacy company. We provide comprehensive advocacy services including strategy, planning, design, development, program management, technical management, custom reporting, hosting, and more. Our programs are powered by the Zuberance Advocate marketing platform, which we operate on behalf of our customers.


3. What types of brands does Zuberance work with?

Our customers are in categories where online WOM is very influential including automotive; consumer electronics; health and fitness; hotels; restaurants; smart appliances; software and computers, tourism; and more. We work with consumer and business brands.


4. What does Zuberance do?

Zuberance builds, grows, activates, and manages “Advocate Armies” for brands and products. We mobilize Advocate Armies via our hosted advocacy applications that energize Advocates via positive reviews, stories, testimonials, videos, sharing, referrals, lead generation, product launches, and more. We provide comprehensive tracking and analytics.

Did You Know…?
Between 1% and 10% of all reachable customers will pro-actively recommend your brand or product via Zuberance at least once during a 12-month period.   

5. How is Zuberance different from companies that provide reviews tools?

Zuberance is an Advocate marketing company, not a review tool.  We are Advocate marketing experts. Our focus is building customized programs that activate your most loyal, enthusiastic customers (Advocates) to recommend your brand and products to others.  


6. How does Zuberance identify Advocates?

We identify Advocates via brief, online surveys and social listening plus direct Advocate action such as when customers give a four or a five-star rating for a product.

Did You Know…?
On average, about 50% of customers are highly likely to recommend the products they purchase and the companies they do business with?  

7. How and where does Zuberance engage Advocates?

We engage Advocates across multiple communications channels and customer touch points: email, web, social, in-product, customer portals, etc. Unlike other advocate marketing companies, Zuberance doesn’t require Advocates to join an online community to recommend brands or products. Instead, we make advocacy tools easily accessible to Advocates throughout the customer journey including at “moments of delight.”


8. How and where does Zuberance amplify Advocates?

We enable Advocates to publish and/or share their recommendations on over 50 third-party sites including shopping sites like Amazon.com, TripAdvisor; and many others; Advocates’ social and business networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more); plus brand’s websites.

Did You Know…?
An Advocate Army of 10,000 customers and others can reach more than 20 million prospects with trusted recommendations that drive purchase decisions.

9. Does Zuberance reward Advocates?

We can enable you to reward and acknowledge Advocates in numerous ways including donations on their behalf to social causes. For example, one of our customers – an energy company – is planting a tree on behalf of each Advocate who recommends their brand.

Did You Know…?
The #1 reason why Advocates recommend brands and products is to help others. Fewer than 5% of Advocates say getting rewards and discounts are the reason why they recommend brands and products.

10. What are the key results and metrics for Zuberance Advocate marketing programs?

By activating Advocates, we enable brands to improve their online ratings and reputation, generate referral leads, acquire customers, and reach thousands to millions of prospects while they’re in the purchase cycle. The key metrics we track are number of Advocates; number of Advocate actions; and results/impact of advocacy programs.