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A brand advocate is a satisfied customer who promotes brands and products without compensation. This role is an essential element of word-of-mouth advertising. Brand advocates post UGC (user-generated content), such as reviews and photos. Given the growth of social media, they can reach millions. In addition, brand advocates play a part in building and sustaining a positive brand image in today’s business landscape. Their authentic promotion, influence on social media and ability to create a sense of community contribute to increased brand loyalty, customer acquisition and overall business success. Here are tips for nurturing brand advocates:

Understanding brand advocates 

Understanding brand advocates is crucial for businesses seeking to leverage the power of enthusiastic and satisfied customers. A brand advocate is an individual who voluntarily promotes and endorses a brand or its products, driven by positive experiences with the brand. These advocates play a vital role in amplifying the brand’s reach through word-of-mouth advertising, social media influence, and the creation of user-generated content. They are essential because consumers see them as trustworthy sources. Potential buyers are more likely to trust a source and buy a product when recommended by a peer. 

What makes a brand advocate different from a regular customer is that brand advocates go above and beyond in expressing their opinions about the brand. They actively share their experiences, recommend products and champion the brand within their social circles. Their advocacy has a direct impact on influencing the brand’s reputation.  

To harness the potential of brand advocates, businesses can invite customers to join advocacy programs. An effective way to do this is by incorporating an invitation in email campaigns or social media posts. For instance, consider inviting customers from your email list or social media to join your advocacy program on the Zuberance platform. This strategic approach recognizes and appreciates loyal customers and empowers them to become advocates, contributing to the brand’s growth and success. 

Zuberance is a full-service advocacy company that provides comprehensive advocacy services, including strategy, planning, design, development, program management, technical management, custom reporting, hosting and more. Zuberance builds and manages “Advocate Armies” for brands and products.  

Strategies to nurture brand advocates 

Keep these strategies in mind when nurturing brand advocates:

Building relationships   

Nurturing brand advocates involves building genuine, long-term relationships with these influential, satisfied consumers. By prioritizing sincere engagement, brands can cultivate connections beyond buyer transactions, creating a sense of loyalty and trust. Increased attention leads to increased loyalty. The more a customer engages with a brand, the more opportunity the brand has to build a relationship with them.  

To engage with advocates personally, brands can adopt various strategies. Active listening is critical. Understanding the individual preferences, feedback and experiences of advocates allows for personalized interactions. Social media platforms provide an excellent avenue for personal engagement, where brands can respond to comments, share user-generated content and publicly acknowledge their advocates’ contributions. The Zuberance hub platform further enhances this engagement through features like surveys and polls, providing valuable insights into customer ideas and feedback.  

Brands can also create exclusive experiences, such as personalized messages, special offers or event invitations, that showcase a commitment to the advocate’s unique relationship with the brand. This makes advocates feel like valued insiders and strengthens their connection to the brand. It also allows for direct interaction with the advocates.  

Lastly, plan to involve advocates in collaborative projects, such as co-creating content, participating in user-generated campaigns, or contributing ideas for new products or features. This not only engages them but also demonstrates that their input is appreciated. Moreover, it emphasizes the reciprocity that is needed in an advocate-brand relationship.  

Providing excellent customer service   

Great customer service addresses issues promptly and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. When brands prioritize delivering outstanding service, they create a positive and memorable impression on customers. Satisfied customers are likelier to become brand advocates and unpromptedly share their positive experiences with others. A brand’s commitment to exceptional customer service builds trust and fosters a sense of loyalty and connection. Therefore, customer service is not just a transactional necessity but a strategic move to cultivate a community of brand advocates who contribute to the brand’s long-term success. 

Creating an engaging community   

A strong and engaging brand community provides a platform for advocates to connect and share their brand experiences. A community brings business value to a brand in a significant amount of UGC, improved brand awareness, increased sales and brand loyalty. Steps to create a community include defining the purpose of the community, identifying your target audience, creating content that provides value to your community, creating a consistent communication stream and promoting online and offline engagement. For instance, active engagement on social media and in member hubs is crucial. Incorporating features like polls, member shoutouts, leaderboards, and other interactive elements encourages participation and fosters a sense of belonging. 

In addition, issuing challenges to brand advocates can be an effective strategy. Challenges encourage advocates to share photos on social media, write product reviews on retailer websites and participate in other brand-related activities. Varying the challenges ensures that advocates remain interested and motivated, preventing boredom. Rewarding customers for their participation in these challenges not only acknowledges their efforts but also incentivizes ongoing engagement.  

Recognizing and rewarding advocates  

Recognizing the efforts and contributions of brand advocates expresses gratitude and reinforces their sense of value and importance. Advocates who feel appreciated are more likely to continue their positive engagement and vocal support for the brand. To effectively acknowledge and reward brand advocates, brands can consider various strategies. Personalized shoutouts on social media, featuring advocates’ stories or testimonials on the brand’s website or including them in exclusive events are effective ways to recognize their contributions publicly. Additionally, offering tangible rewards such as discounts or gift cards, exclusive access to free products or services, or premium customer support can be powerful incentives, motivating advocates to maintain and increase their loyalty.  

Encouraging user-generated content   

UGC is a powerful tool that showcases authentic experiences. Most consumers say that UGC highly impacts their purchase decisions and is more influential than brand-created content. By inviting advocates to share their content — whether in the form of reviews, photos or testimonials—brands tap into a goldmine of genuine, relatable narratives that resonate with potential customers. 

Brands can employ several tips to encourage advocates to create and share content. Firstly, make the process seamless by providing clear guidelines and easy-to-use platforms for content submission or encouraging the use of brand hashtags for easy access. Foster a sense of community by showcasing UGC on social media and other brand channels, acknowledging the contributors publicly. Lastly, consider running contests or challenges that prompt advocates to share their experiences and reward them with incentives. By amplifying the voices of brand advocates through UGC, brands deepen their connection with existing advocates and inspire others to join the community. 

Giving sneak peeks at sales and launches  

By granting advocates early access to upcoming sales or product launches, brands acknowledge their loyalty and make them feel like prized insiders. These exclusive previews foster a sense of excitement and anticipation among advocates. It’s a gesture that creates a more personal and meaningful bond. This strategy recognizes the advocates’ contribution and incentivizes ongoing support, as advocates feel like they’re a part of the brand’s inner circle. In turn, these advocates are likely to share their sneak peeks with their networks, helping to amplify the brand’s reach and influence.


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