All-In-ONE Advocate marketing Platform

The Zuberance Advocate Marketing Platform is a complete, powerful, and flexible advocate marketing technology solution. 

One Platform Does it All

From a single, integrated platform, you can enable and encourage Advocates to recommend your brand and products in multiple ways:  

  • Advocate Reviews

  • Advocate Stories (testimonials, case studies, videos, photos, and more)

  • Advocate Referrals

  • Advocate Leads (Answers)

  • Advocate Sharing

  • Advocate Communities

  • ...and more

Why hassle with multiple advocate marketing vendors and tools? The Zuberance Platform makes Advocate marketing easy for you.

Key Features

  • Fully-hosted, cloud-based; no integration required

  • White-label solution; carries your branding

  • Complete suite of integrated advocate marketing applications

  • Mobile responsive

  • Publishing and social sharing to 50+ third-party sites and social networks of your choice (see below)

  • Engage Advocates across multiple platforms: social, web, email, in-product, SMS/text

  • Advocate points and rewards

  • Integrated tracking and analytics

  • Advocate content management system

  • Scalable to millions of Advocate actions

  • Automated Advocate re-engagement

  • A/B Testing

  • Import/export data to/from and other CRM platforms

  • Supports multiple languages; English, Spanish, French, German, and more (contact us for details)

Amplifying Advocates

With Zuberance, you can encourage and enable Advocates to publish and share reviews, stories, and more to the third-party sites that matter to you.

In addition, Zuberance can enable you to display Advocate reviews, testimonials, and other Advocate content in and on your: 

  • Website

  • Marketing emails

  • Facebook

  • Blog

  • Ads and other paid media

Key Benefits of Zuberance Advocate Marketing Platform

  • Save time, effort, and costs plus maximize results by engaging Advocates in multiple ways from a single platform

  • Flexible; use one or more advocate marketing applications

  • Proven & reliable: has powered over 1,000 advocate marketing programs and campaigns for more than 100 consumer and business brands

  • Maintain integrity of your brand; no advertising or third-party messaging


How the Platform Works

The Zuberance Advocate Marketing Platform enables you to systematically identify/engage, mobilize, amplify, and re-engage Advocates. The platform's integrated analytics track Advocate actions and results.  

ID/Engage Advocates: Connect with current and/or potential Advocates via email, social, web, online communities, account portals, in-product, text/SMS…virtually any customer touch point or communications channel.

Mobilize Advocates: When Advocates click on links in email, social, or any of the channels above, they come to Zuberance’s cloud-based advocacy applications customized for your brand. Using these applications, Advocates can recommend your brand or product by creating reviews, stories, testimonials, case studies, videos, plus referring friends and more. Another valuable way we can help you mobilize your Advocates is by creating an online Advocate community, where Advocates can earn rewards points for recommending and referring.

Amplify Advocates: Custom publishing widgets integrated within Zuberance’s applications makes it easy for Advocates to share and/or publish content they've created like reviews, stories, videos, photos and more -- plus brand content and offers -- on third-party sites plus on their own social channels. Zuberance also makes it easy for you to publish Advocate reviews and other content and more on your website and other owned media, boosting SEO, traffic, and conversions.

Re-Engage Advocates: Zuberance automatically re-engages Advocates to enable and encourage them to publish and share content and offers, plus take other actions to promote, support, and defend your brand. 


Advocate Tracking & Analytics

Here is a sample of what you can track on the Zuberance Advocate Marketing Platform:

Advocate Army

  • Total # Advocates

  • # Advocates by brand, product, location, timing, and other factors

  • Where Advocates sourced (email, social, web, etc.)

  • Top 10, 50, 100 Advocates

Advocate Actions

  • # and % created reviews

  • # and % publishing and/or sharing reviews

  • Impact on star rankings

  • % of reviews from Zuberance-powered Advocates

  • # and % created stories, testimonials, case studies

  • # and % published and/or sharing stories, testimonials, case studies

  • # and % referred friends

  • Estimated reach and impressions of Advocates sharing content

Prospect Responses

  • In-bound traffic, leads, sign-ups, downloads, etc.

  • # and % conversions

  • Sales and revenues

  • Estimated reach and impressions of prospects sharing Advocate content