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Advocates & Influencers

Your Responsibility as an Advocate

At Zuberance, anyone who receives points, products, or any form of incentive for promoting a brand or product is considered an advocate or influencer. This includes individuals who may not traditionally identify as influencers. It’s crucial for all our advocates and influencers to understand and adhere to the rules of disclosure.

Disclosure is Mandatory: Regardless of your follower count or how you perceive your role, if you receive any form of compensation from Zuberance, you are required to disclose this in a clear and conspicuous manner. This is in line with FTC guidelines to ensure transparency and trust in marketing communications.

Why Disclosure Matters: Disclosure is not just a legal requirement; it’s a foundation of trust between you, the audience, and the brand. Honest disclosure of incentives or compensation helps maintain the integrity of your recommendations and fosters audience trust.

  • Always be upfront about your relationship with the company operating a Zuberance advocacy hub.
  • Abide by the specific disclosure requirements you see in challenges. If unclear, ask questions.
  • Include a clear disclosure at the beginning of your post or content.
  • Ensure the disclosure is easily noticeable and understandable.
  • Regularly update your understanding of disclosure requirements as guidelines evolve.

By adhering to these guidelines, Zuberance advocates and influencers play a vital role in maintaining a high standard of authenticity and transparency in advocate marketing.