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Business Challenges

SCOBY aims to navigate the crowded market of alcoholic beverages by distinguishing its spiked kombucha as not just a drink but a lifestyle choice. The brand is focused on leveraging its enthusiastic customer base, known as “The Culture,” to foster brand visibility, strengthen customer engagement, and drive organic growth through impactful advocacy.

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Thought Starters

These narratives aim to inspire alcohol brands like Scoby Spiked Kombucha to creatively use the Zuberance platform to drive customer engagement and amplify product excellence. While these scenarios feature fictional brands, they’re designed for illustrative purposes to demonstrate realistic applications.

DTC Brand - Scoby Spiked Kombucha-Canned Alcohol Brand

Zuberance Program Implementation

Sign-Up Journey

The Culture: SCOBY invites its vibrant community of health-aware and socially active customers to become part of “The Culture.” This program is designed to engage customers who appreciate the unique blend of taste, health, and enjoyment offered by spiked kombucha.

Challenges Presented

#SipSCOBY Campaign: The #SipSCOBY campaign encourages members of “The Culture” to share their experiences of enjoying SCOBY in various social settings, from dinner parties to beach sunsets, emphasizing the beverage’s versatility and appeal.

Advocate Engagement

Flavorful Moments Testimonials: Using Zuberance’s Reviews module, members of “The Culture” are invited to post video testimonials of their first sip reactions, favorite flavor pairings, and personal stories of discovery, highlighting the brand’s innovative approach to traditional kombucha.

Social Sharing

#SipMindfully: Members of “The Culture” utilize the Social Sharing module to showcase their #SipMindfully moments, demonstrating how SCOBY complements a balanced, joyful lifestyle while providing authentic, user-generated endorsements on social media.

Rewards Program

For their active participation, members of “The Culture” accumulate Culture Coins, redeemable for exclusive merchandise, discounts, or invitations to secret tasting events, fostering a deeper connection with the brand and encouraging ongoing engagement.


“The Culture Circle” Initiative: The referral program, facilitated by Zuberance’s Referrals module, offers mutual rewards for members of “The Culture” and their referrals. This strategy aims to broaden the brand’s footprint by transforming satisfied customers into enthusiastic brand advocates.

Measuring Impact

SCOBY will leverage Zuberance’s advanced analytics to monitor the effectiveness of “The Culture” program. Success metrics will include enhanced online engagement, increased SOV and referral sales, and a growing community of brand advocates. 

DTC Brand - Scoby Spiked Kombucha-Canned Alcohol Brand

Valuable Customer Insights

SCOBY’s strategic deployment of the Zuberance advocate marketing platform is crafted to amplify brand resonance in the health-conscious and socially vibrant segment of the alcoholic beverage market. Through targeted engagement, compelling storytelling, and meaningful rewards, SCOBY is set to cultivate a passionate community of advocates, driving organic growth and positioning itself as a leader in the burgeoning field of spiked kombucha.

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Businesses leverage Zuberance to fuel their advocacy programs, integrating them into their overall marketing programs. The outcome? Lowered marketing expenses, enhanced customer engagement, improved retention rates, and most importantly, positive ROI.

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