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Business Challenges

Calm Cub seeks to carve out a unique space within the bustling baby product market. The brand aims to nurture a loyal customer base, distinguish its offerings amidst stiff competition, and utilize satisfied customer experiences to elevate brand awareness and stimulate organic growth.

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Thought Starters

These narratives aim to inspire baby brands like Calm Cub to creatively use the Zuberance platform to drive customer engagement and amplify product excellence. While these scenarios feature fictional brands, they’re designed for illustrative purposes to demonstrate realistic applications.

Calm Cub DTC Brand

Zuberance Program Implementation

Sign-Up Journey

The Calm Cub Club: Calm Cub invites nurturing parents to join The Calm Cub Club, a community designed for sharing experiences, tips, and moments of joy facilitated by Calm Cub’s product line. This program is meant to foster a space of support and engagement among eco-conscious, comfort-preferring families.

Challenges Presented

 #CalmCubComforts Campaign: The #CalmCubComforts campaign encourages club members to share their stories and visuals of their little ones enjoying Calm Cub’s clothing and sleep sacks. Whether it’s a serene naptime or a comfy playdate, Calm Cub wants to highlight the products’ role in enhancing the parenting journey.

Advocate Engagement

Serene Moments Testimonials: Using Zuberance’s Reviews module, Calm Cub Club members are prompted to post testimonials capturing their calm, content babies in Calm Cub wear. These personal stories aim to provide real-life insights into the comfort and peace of mind the products offer.

Social Sharing

#CalmCubKids: Members use the Social Sharing module to showcase their #CalmCubKids, posting heartwarming, serene moments on social media. These genuine shares serve as endorsements, illustrating the brand’s promise of tranquility and style.

Rewards Program

Cub Points: Calm Cub values engagement and rewards active club members with Cub Points for their contributions, which can be redeemed for discounts, freebies, or exclusive previews of new product lines, encouraging ongoing interaction and brand loyalty.


The Cub Connect: “The Cub Connect” referral program, facilitated by Zuberance’s Referrals module, incentivizes both members and the friends they introduce to Calm Cub, aiming to grow the brand’s family with more like-minded parents who value calmness and comfort for their babies.

Calm Cub DTC Brand
Calm Cub DTC Brand

Measuring Impact

Calm Cub utilizes Zuberance’s analytics capabilities to measure the success of The Calm Cub Club program, focusing on engagement rates, conversion rates from advocacy actions and referrals, and overall SOV gain in the baby product market.

Calm Cub DTC Brand


By leveraging the Zuberance advocate marketing platform, Calm Cub is set to cultivate a passionate community of parents and caregivers. This strategy is crafted to not only solidify Calm Cub’s place in the baby product market but also drive organic growth through the power of authentic customer stories, creating a brand that resonates deeply with those who prioritize comfort, tranquility, and sustainability for their little ones.

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