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Company Obstacles

SmoothEdge faced the challenge of differentiating itself in a saturated market dominated by established brands. The key hurdles included fostering brand loyalty among young women and maintaining engagement with a product that, due to its durability, does not require frequent purchases. They also needed to establish a strong online community and generate authentic, persuasive content that resonates with their target audience.

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This content serves as a creative blueprint for companies exploring how Zuberance can amplify their brand’s presence and effectiveness. The narratives are inspired by real-world applications from various customers, yet all names and scenarios are fictional for illustrative purposes.

Zuberance Program

Sign-Up Journey

The SmoothEdge Advocates: SmoothEdge introduced The SmoothEdge Advocates program, inviting their subscription service users to become brand advocates. This initiative encouraged customers to share their personal shaving experiences and the difference SmoothEdge razors made in their daily routines.

Challenges Presented

#SmoothEdgeExperience Campaign: The brand launched the #SmoothEdgeExperience campaign, urging advocates to post their shaving routines, tips, and the results of using SmoothEdge razors on social media. The campaign’s goal was to highlight the product’s quality and affordability, emphasizing its suitability for young women.

Advocate Engagement

Authentic Testimonials: Using Zuberance’s Reviews module, SmoothEdge collected genuine testimonials from users. Advocates shared their honest opinions about the razors’ performance, focusing on their quality, cost-effectiveness, and overall shaving experience.

Social Sharing

#MySmoothEdge: Advocates were encouraged to use the hashtag #MySmoothEdge, showcasing their personal experiences and results on various social media platforms. This approach aimed to create organic brand visibility and trust through user-generated content.

Rewards Program

Edge Points: Acknowledging the limited need for frequent razor purchases, SmoothEdge integrated Zuberance’s existing rewards platform, offering Edge Points for each advocacy activity. These points gave access to a wide range of rewards from thousands of merchants, keeping advocates continuously engaged and motivated.


Share the Smoothness: SmoothEdge’s referral program, Share the Smoothness, provided incentives for both the referrer and referee, expanding the brand’s reach while rewarding loyal customers.

Advocates were encouraged to use the hashtag #MySmoothEdge, showcasing their personal experiences and results on various social media platforms.
SmoothEdge integrated Zuberance's existing rewards platform, offering Edge Points for each advocacy activity.

Measuring Impact: SmoothEdge Analytics

After implementing the Zuberance program, SmoothEdge closely monitored various performance indicators.

Key outcomes included:

Elevated Brand Engagement

The #SmoothEdgeExperience campaign significantly increased social media interaction, particularly among young women, enhancing brand visibility and connection.

Robust Advocate Community

The Edge Points program was highly successful in maintaining ongoing engagement, with a high redemption rate and positive feedback from advocates.

Increased Market Penetration

The Share the Smoothness referral initiative led to a noticeable growth in the customer base, particularly in the young female demographic.

Valuable Customer Insights

Through the strategic use of the Zuberance platform, SmoothEdge effectively overcame its initial challenges, creating a strong online presence and community and achieving substantial growth and recognition in the women’s razor market.

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