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Business Challenges

Active Almond is poised to navigate the competitive landscape of health-focused snack foods. The brand aims to establish a robust online presence, differentiate its almond-based products in a saturated market, and leverage positive customer experiences to drive brand loyalty and organic growth.

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Thought Starters

These thought starters are designed to assist businesses like Active Almond in leveraging the Zuberance platform to enhance their brand presence. While based on realistic applications, the scenarios use fictional names and situations for illustrative purposes.

Thought Starter: Active Almond - DTC Brand

Zuberance Program Implementation

Sign-Up Journey

The Active Almond Advocates: Active Almond invites its community of health enthusiasts and busy bees to join The Active Almond Advocates, a program designed to connect like-minded individuals passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with convenient, nutritious snacks.

Challenges Presented

 #AlmondAction Campaign: The #AlmondAction campaign encourages Advocates to share their most energized moments fueled by Active Almond snack bars. Whether it’s powering through a midday slump, reaching the peak of a hike, or finding balance in a busy schedule, Active Almond is there to energize and sustain.

Advocate Engagement

Nutritious Nibbles Testimonials: Utilizing Zuberance’s Reviews module, Active Almond Advocates are asked to submit video testimonials of their snack times, sharing insights on taste, texture, and how the snack bars fit into their active routines, providing authentic feedback for potential customers

Social Sharing

Show Your #ActiveAlmondLife: Post a photo of how you enjoy Active Almond snacks during your everyday adventures using #ActiveAlmondLife. Best entries get featured on our social pages and win a month’s supply of snacks.

Rewards Program

Almond Points: Active Almond rewards its Advocates with Almond Points for every review, share, or referral, redeemable for discounts, free bars, or exclusive access to new flavors, fostering a sense of community and ongoing brand engagement.


The Almond Circle: “The Almond Circle” referral program, powered by Zuberance’s Referrals module, incentivizes both Advocates and the new customers they refer, expanding the Active Almond community with more enthusiasts who value health and convenience.

Thought Starter: Active Almond - DTC Brand
Thought Starter: Active Almond - DTC Brand

Measuring Impact: Active Almond Analytics

Active Almond leverages Zuberance’s analytics tools to track the effectiveness of The Active Almond Advocates program. Key metrics include engagement levels, conversion rates from advocacy activities, and product sales.

Thought Starter: Active Almond - DTC Brand

Valuable Customer Insights

Through the strategic application of the Zuberance advocate marketing platform, Active Almond is set to cultivate a vibrant community of health-conscious consumers. This strategy aims to propel Active Almond into a leadership position within the healthy snack market, driving growth through the power of authentic customer advocacy and building a brand that aligns closely with the lifestyles and values of its target audience.

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