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Most brands make efforts to collect feedback. Whether it’s a quick survey after purchase or an annual emailed survey to active customers, brands realize that 77% of customers have a more favorable view of their brand when asked for their opinion. Feedback is valuable, but what about private feedback? What if you could connect with brand advocates and get private customer feedback away from the prying eyes of social media or public review sites? With Zuberance, you can do just that. You can engage with customers privately to gather honest feedback and insights. 

Benefits of collecting private feedback 

Customers are willing to share their opinions with you if you ask. Using Zuberance, you can ask customers privately about your product, service, or any touchpoint, like their interactions with your brand on Instagram or their thoughts on a specific product.

The benefits of collecting and analyzing this feedback mean your brand can:

Make decisions based on input from actual customers

With honest feedback from customers, your brand can learn about its pitfalls. Maybe your software lacks a particular feature, or your product functionality doesn’t live up to a competitor’s. Perhaps customers aren’t happy with the checkout process or find it challenging to locate pricing information online. If there’s an issue, you can learn about it privately from your customers. 

Armed with this information, your brand can improve its product, service, and customer experience, all of which stems from feedback from real customers. 

Fix issues with unhappy customers.

Every company has unhappy customers. By giving them a chance to share their concerns with your company, you not only learn about problems your company can address, but you also have the opportunity to address the issue and make it right.

If you get feedback from a customer in a members-only hub, you can contact the customer and offer a personal solution. While it might seem like a small gesture, it makes a difference in the customer’s perception of your brand. 

Plus, unhappy customers can spread their negativity and harm your reputation. All the more reason to engage with dissatisfied customers in a private setting. 

Home in on customer demographics and behaviors

The more you know your customers, the better you can cater to them. Through feedback collection, you can gain insights about your customers that you may not have known. 

For instance, a segment of your customers work in a particular industry, or perhaps most of your loyal customers purchased your product online rather than in stores. These insights can dictate tailored marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and sales. 

Identify and activate loyal customers

As you collect feedback, you’ll find loyal customers who love your product. By identifying loyal customers, you can establish a team of brand advocates who can promote your products in exchange for rewards. 

With Zuberance, a customer advocacy platform, you can create challenges that reward participants with points they can exchange for products. Write a review; get points. Share a product demo; get points. Each challenge mobilizes your loyal customers and helps market your brand. 

Using Zuberance to fuel your feedback

Zuberance is a customer advocacy platform that helps you turn customers into advocates. The platform allows you to collect private feedback in a community. 

That means you can: 

  • Engage customers through private polls and surveys
  • Share ideas with customers and ask for their honest feedback
  • Build trust with customers by asking them to participate in valuable questionnaires 
  • Analyze data from the feedback collected

Additional features you can leverage via Zuberance

Beyond sending private polls and gathering opinions, Zuberance can help you market your product by mobilizing your brand advocates. Take a look at these additional features that help collect reviews, generate content, and gain referrals – all from the organized efforts of working with your happiest customers. 

Customer Reviews

Ask customers to review a product within the platform and easily share the best feedback to third-party sites like Yelp or Google. 

Customer Stories

Ask customers to create promotional content, like a picture of them using your product, through customer stories. You can share those stories on social media and transform a customer’s experience into social proof that inspires others to learn about your brand and product. 

Customer Referrals

VIP customers are often willing to refer your product to their friends. With Zuberance, you can encourage customers to do just that, and reward them for it. 

Want to learn more about Zuberance and its customer advocacy solutions? See how it works and consider booking a demo to learn more.  

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Businesses leverage Zuberance to fuel their advocacy programs, integrating them into their overall marketing programs. The outcome? Lowered marketing expenses, enhanced customer engagement, improved retention rates, and most importantly, positive ROI.