60 Seconds with Desirree Madison-Biggs of Symantec

desirreemadisonbiggs“60 Seconds with…” features leading experts in Word of Mouth marketing, social media marketing, customer experience, and related areas. Today’s guest is Desirree Madison-Biggs, Director of Customer Experience at Symantec. 60SecondsWithCan you give us a brief overview of Symantec’s use of Net Promoter? Net Promoter is one of the primary ways in which Symantec measure’s its performance every quarter.  It’s derived from feedback from a broad cross section of individuals across all three of our primary segments:  consumer, partner and business.  Annual targets are set at the beginning of each fiscal year and a portion of variable compensation for VPs and above is tied to achieving targets.  Further, Net Promoter acts as a ‘north star’, helping to guide prioritization and focus stakeholders within Symantec on key touch points within the customer lifecycle.  It summary, it focused the company on the voice of the customer and helps to drive a customer centric culture.

What’s the biggest benefit that companies can get from Net Promoter? The biggest benefit is that it is an objective and holistic metric that can help align the entire company around delivering experiences that drive growth.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give companies considering using Net Promoter? Get executive buy-in and ensure that it is driven from the top.  This metric and the actions that are driven by it  should be the top of the executive list and be communicated regularly.  But there’s a second piece of advice that is just as critical.  The expectations should be set that the bigger the company, the longer the effort will take – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

What brands and products do you advocate to your friends and colleagues? Boden (clothing), Amazon, Lexus, WholeFoods, AGA (appliances)