4 Brand Advocate Personas: Meet Sally Seller

One way to distinguish Brand Advocates is through the use of personas. In ‘Brand Advocates,’ Fuggetta brings to life Sally Seller, Ed Expert, Chris Creator and Sonny Sharer.  Personally, I resonate closely with Sally Seller, though I have traits of all personas. “Without payments or perks, Sally gets her family members, friends, and coworkers to buy the brands and products she enthusiastically recommends.”  Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force

Dive into Sally’s mind, well, technically mine.

Why do I recommend the brands and products I love? Those brands and products make me happy and I want my networks to share the same happiness, satisfaction and gratification.

A few years ago when Sally Hansen introduced the Complete Salon Manicure line of polishes (I have a bottle sitting next to me as I type), you couldn’t shut me up about it. Why? It’s just another nail polish. But it’s not – the brush is flat, it’s easier to paint your nails and the shape of the brush helps prevent polish from getting on the skin around your nails. Hello, manicure made easy!

Friends trust me most when it comes to products I buy and try on my own. Sure, I’ve been paid or sent products to review for my personal blog, and I fully disclose that, but even when paid to promote, I cannot be as passionate about something, unless I find it on my own or someone else recommends it.

My husband was anti-Apple, not sure how I married him. He deployed with a lot of other Marines who were using MacBooks and not complaining about slow speeds when emailing or video chatting home – not long after the deployment began, we were a 2-iPhones, iPods and Apple computers family. The word of mouth recommendations from Apple’s advocates overpowered their ad spend.

In the past week, people have come to me for advice on nail polish, automobile purchases, cookbooks and even products I’ve never endorsed, but they know I’m actively seeking the best products, so they ask for my recommendation on products based on the word of mouth recommendations I’ve heard from my peers. That’s advocacy at its best.

Sally is much more than a loyal customer, she’s a salesperson. What makes you stick out as a Brand Advocate?