5 Must-Read Posts on Brand Advocacy and Word of Mouth

“Social Media and the Era of Advocacy” by Edelman Digital’s Michael Brito.

This post differentiates Brand Advocates from influencers and includes a brilliant graphic that shows that Advocacy affects various phases of the purchase cycle.

“How to Create a Customer Advocacy Program” by Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang.

Jeremiah explains why it is important to create a customer advocacy program and then gives 5 steps in which to execute it.

“4 WOM Stats Every Marketer Must Know” by John Moore (Brand Autopsy.)

Just one of the stats: “The average American consumer mentions specific brand names 60 times per week in conversations.”

“Introducing Peer Influence Analysis: 500 billion Peer Impressions per Year” by Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

Josh describes the first-ever Word of Mouth analysis tool that has led to some incredibly intriguing conclusions such as: “People's online impressions on each other about products and services are about one fourth of the online advertising impression.”

“Framework: Rings of Influence” by Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang.

This post illustrates the need for companies to focus on the “larger circles” of customers and prospects for reach and engagement opportunities.

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