About 1 in 4 People in the US are Brand Advocates

About 1 in 4 people in the US (or 60 million) are Brand Advocates, a virtual “Army of Advocates.” Brand Advocates are people who proactively recommend brands and products online and offline without being paid to do so.

Here’s how we arrive at this estimate:

1.      There are approximately 237 million people in the US age 13 and over. (source: US Census Bureau, 2000)

2.      About 1 in 4 people proactively recommend brands and products, according to various studies. (Note: Many of these studies have estimated the number of Brand Advocates who are adults. However, teens are also active Brand Advocates.)

3.      25% of 237M people = 59.25M Brand Advocates.

There are approximately 40 million adults (ages 18 and over) in the US online who are Brand Advocates. About 1 in 4 adults online are Brand Advocates.

Here’s how we arrive at this estimate:

1.      There are 209M people in the US age 18 or over. (source: US Census Bureau data, 2000)

2.      74% of US adults use the Internet (source: Pew Research, 2010). This means that 155M US adults use the Internet.

3.      24.9% of US adults online proactively recommend that someone make a particular purchase. (i.e. They are Brand Advocates.) (source: Synovate)

4.      24.9% of 155M = 39M US adults who use the Internet are Brand Advocates

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