Advocacy does work even for reality TV

Think advocacy doesn't inspire, motivate, or drive people? Well it does. And here's proof... Tammi Ramsey, local aspiring bay area winemaker has made it to the final selection committee for the new PBS reality tv show, The Winemakers. Think Project Runway for wine. Wine enthusiasts are asked to put their knowledge of wine making to the test. According to PBS “they'll be judged every step of the way, by some of the toughest critics around: a "who's who" of real experts in the realm of food and wine. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce.”

Tammi Ramsey has dreamed of this opportunity ever since she received a wine making kit from a friend and her “hobby turned obsession” quickly propelled her into a love for wine.

The final contestant is chosen by how many advocates watch her video. Today, Tammi's 2 minute video audition video is the ultimate test of advocacy.

The power of advocacy is all around us. The power of Zuberance is it's advocates. Thank you advocates everywhere. Go Tammi, Go!