Agencies in Need of a Word of Mouth Solution

If you work for an agency, chances are you’ve had a client come to you asking for a Word of Mouth and Social Media strategy and solution.  Almost half the calls we get here, at Zuberance, are from people just like you. Agencies are our best partners.  They want to deliver the best solution for their clients and they look to us for it.  As social media and WOM have matured, marketers understand the power of Advocates more than ever.  And in times like these, ROI is king.  With a platform like Zuberance’s, marketers are able to track ROI in real-time and report from the bottom-up.

Forrester estimates that $716 million will be spent on the social media marketing this year, growing to $3.1 billion in 2014.  As Word of Mouth and Social Media gain more share in the marketing mix, agencies will continue to turn to niche solution providers to meet client needs.  The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is a tremendous resource to learn more about these providers and much, much more.