Advocates Share Their Family Discoveries and Recommendations

People love family history and sharing their incredible discoveries found within their family tree., the world’s largest online family history resource, is enabling enthusiastic subscribers (AKA “ Advocates”) to recommend the family history website to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. has energized their Advocates to:

  • Create 7,270+ reviews and stories
  • Publish their stories and photos to Facebook, Twitter, email (82% of Advocates prefer to publish to Facebook)
  • Share 1,500 offers with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, email is displaying their Advocates' stories on a dedicated Facebook tab. Click here to read some of these fascinating discoveries.

Director of Global Social Media, Nick Cifuentes, says that he's "been very pleased with the results we’ve achieved from the Zuberance Advocate Platform....[Zuberance] has made it simple and effortless to for us to find our Advocates and turn them into an ongoing marketing force. In particular, the content our Advocates have created powered by Zuberance is excellent and helps to continue further our marketing efforts,” he stated.

Hear Cifuentes on Zuberance webinar, “Top 5 Myths of Brand Advocacy Revealed” here.

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