B2B Decision Makers are your Advocates, and they're talking

Are you a B2B marketer who is skeptical about whether you can turn your customers into Advocates? Many of your customers are already very active Advocates.

A whopping 75% of B2B decision makers post ratings, reviews, and/or comments on blogs, according to a new report from Forrester Research: The Social Behaviors of Your B2B Customers



The findings show that you don't have to change customer behavior to get more advocacy. Find those customers who are willing to recommend you and give them a microphone. The microphone could be in the form of sharing reviews, stories, and offers.

CDW, Zuberance Client, is a good example of a B2B company giving their advocates a microphone:



Lauren McCadney, CDW's social media leader gets it. Lauren knows that CDW customers are willing to recommend the CDW. Lauren has built a successful Advocate marketing program with Zuberance that makes it easy for Advocates to recommend CDW.

B2B Companies Need Advocates

Let’s say you’re a B2B company with 10,000 customers.

We’ve found that the percentage of business buyers who become Advocates is typically lower than the percentage of customers of a B2C company who became Advocates. So for B2Bs, we typically use 20 percent as the percentage who will recommend within the first 30 days for B2B  vs. 30 percent for B2C.

Is getting 40 customers to recommend you within the first 30 days worth the effort? That depends. How valuable would it be for your B2B company to have 30 glowing video testimonials of its enthusiastic customers? If the company only has 10 testimonials now, this would triple the amount in only a few weeks.

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Do you know what your Advocates are saying about you?