Boost Holiday Sales by Unleashing Your Brand Advocates


Brand Advocates are your most passionate and loyal customers. Without payments or perks, they go out of their way to spread positive word of mouth about products and services on social networks, shopping sites, and offline; reaching millions of online shoppers and increasing sales.

By energizing your Brand Advocates, you can increase sales, boost online and in-store traffic, and amplify positive word of mouth this holiday shopping season.

Energize Your Advocates to Boost:

1. Star Ratings: 83% of all holiday shoppers are influenced by customer reviews. By energizing Advocates to write reviews, Adobe's star ratings were boosted from 3 to 4.25 stars, just in time for Black Friday 

2. Promotions: Advocates love sharing. On average, 40% of Zuberance-powered Advocates share offers with their social networks. Advocates can help you reach millions of holiday shoppers by gladly sharing promotional offers with their networks.

3. Recommendations: Advocates are your volunteer sales force. Advocates for a leading DVR manufacturer helped the company sell thousands of products via highly positive reviews and by sharing offers and branded content with their social networks.

4. Online Traffic: Consumers trust their friends more than brands. On average, the click-through rate for offers shared by Zuberance-powered Advocates is 51%, about 10x higher than the average click-through rate for traditional online marketing. 

5. New Customers: Advocates help you get new customers for less. Ooma is acquired customers for 54% less than other online marketing channels by getting its Advocates to share promotional offers with their social networks.

There’s still time, but you need to get started now if you’re going to tap into the power of your enthusiastic customers to drive more sales this holiday season.