Brand Advocacy Gangnam Style

Advocates for “Gangnam Style” have turned a Korean pop single and its star Psy (pronounced sigh) into a global sensation.

Faster than you can say kimchi, Gangnam Style has shot to the top of the YouTube charts. It’s been viewed by over 337 million times on YouTube in only about eight weeks.

I knew Gangnam Style had tipped when I watched thousands of San Francisco Giants’ fans – including 60-year-old Giants broadcaster Jon Miller  – whipping the lasso at the Giants’ division-clinching win recently over the Padres.

How much do you want to bet that Bud or one of the big beer brands is working on a spot featuring Psy right now? Cue the horses.

So what does Gangnam Style have to with brand advocacy? Everything.

When Advocates find something they like – whether it’s a hilarious Korean rap video or an iPhone app for an accounting software company, they share it with their friends.

Outright, which provides accounting software for small businesses, recently engaged Advocates for the launch of its new iPhone app. Result? Outright’s iPhone app jumped to the Top 25 list on Apple's App Store. Outright got an astonishing 90 percent click-through rate among Advocates’ friends and a staggering 713% CTR on Twitter.

As the Outright example shows, you don’t need a hip, clever video or even a sexy brand to get your content and offers out there.

Find your Advocates and make it easy for them to share your content. That’s brand advocacy Gangnam style!

Here's the Gangnam style video for you to watch once again (warning: this WILL get stuck in your head!):