Brand Advocates Change Perceptions

Brands put a lot of time and research into branding and making sure the message they want to get out gets out, but that's not always the outcome. Huffington Post published an article last week highlighting "26 Slogans That Frankly Make More Sense Than the Real Ones." Consumers are always talking about your brand, but do you know what they're saying? You can energize your Brand Advocates to spread the positive and accurate word about your brand by mobilizing them to write reviews and recommendations.

Sure, these unofficial slogans will still be around, but who better to spread positivity and love about your brand than the ones who love it the most?

Here are a few examples from the article. Of course, there are great things about each of these brands, but the negative and false seem to shine. How will you fix that?





Brand Advocates are willing to recommend your brand without incentive or pay. If you take the extra steps to identify and energize those Advocates, you have a volunteer marketing force and digital gold. Advocates will create reviews, stories, and recommendations about your product or service that will drive sales.

Brand Advocates will:

  1. Change perceptions of brands, products and services
  2. Drive brand awareness
  3. Educate and create new customers and prospects
  4. Serve as a customer support team
  5. Provide recommendations
  6. Influence their networks to purchase a product or service

Let's set up time to chat about an advocate marketing strategy for your brand, no pressure!