Meet Your Brand's Advocate, Chelsea Hickey

Nice to meet you, Zuberance Fans! Chelsea Hickey

I'm Chelsea Hickey and chances are if you have an awesome product or service, I’m already one of your biggest advocates. I have an addictive personality and can’t help but being an Advocate. If I love a product, you’ll know before you even ask for my opinion – same goes for not liking products. I’ve been all about word of mouth marketing since before it was cool.

I’m thrilled to be the new Marketing Manager at Zuberance and getting to know all of our Zuber Rants fans. As far as my background, I come from Rubio’s Restaurants, ya know, the Original Fish Taco® people? During my time as the Social Media & Email Marketing Strategist at Rubio’s, I worked closely with Zuberance (shouts out to Alex & Stacey) to create their (Rubio’s) Advocacy program, which had such a huge, positive impact on the email club, social media networks and business.

Rubio'sI’ve been an Advocate of Zuberance since 2010. At Rubio’s, we had Raving Rubio’s Fans, we knew they liked us and had a story about their first Original Fish Taco – but that was the extent of our knowledge. After partnering with Zuberance, we built an Advocate Army of 52,243 (60-70k now). All we had to do was ask our eclub, fans and followers How likely are you to recommend Rubio’s to a friend?

81% of Rubio’s customers who have answered the Ultimate Question have said they highly recommend Rubio’s (they are Advocates) . 81% is one of the highest percentages of Advocates Zuberance has seen among 100 brands.

But enough about Rubio’s, I could go on and on about much fun it was to build their advocacy program and all of the things that came after we built our Advocate Army—but that’s for another day.  You can read more about Rubio’s success with Zuberance by downloading Zuberance’s Word of Mouth Marketing for Restaurants Whitepaper or read the Brand Advocates book by our CEO & Founder, Rob Fuggetta

I’m always connected, digitally, with the fear of missing out – yes, I’m one of those people. I’m currently in VA Beach, missing San Diego with all of my heart—thanks, USMC! I’m an advocate of nail polish, Audi, Apple, Target, Amazon, Lululemon, shoes, makeup, San Diego, Sirius XM Octane, parenting & the United States Marine Corps. I’m known for saying and tweeting what everyone else is thinking. Tweet with me @ChelseaRhane & @Zuberance.

Interested in learning more about what I did with Rubio’s advocacy program or how restaurants can turn enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force? Comment below, and we’ll set up a webinar.